Find the answers to questions you have ranging from our return policy, general information, and repairs.

How do I return an Item I purchased online? 

This process applies exclusively to products purchased from patagoniaottawa.ca or patagoniahalifax.ca 

To begin, visit our returns page. Input your order number, email, postal code or phone number. Confirm the reason for your return and what product(s) you will be sending back to us. Once complete, you will receive a pre-paid shipping label to your email. 

This shipping label will have a fee of $15, which will be deducted from your refund or credit once your return is received, inspected, and processed at our store.

You can also visit us in store in Ottawa and Halifax to seamlessly complete your return without incurring a shipping fee.

How do I exchange an item? 

Exchanges are made in two steps: returning & reordering. To exchange an item from your recent order, simply return it for a refund and place a new order with us. We cannot offer direct exchanges and the $15 return shipping fee will apply to the item you are sending back to us to exchange. Products are only reserved when a new order is placed. 

Can I return something without a receipt? 

Without a receipt or proof of purchase any store credit issued for a product will be issued at the last known value. Products must continue to meet the criteria in our refund policy: product tags must be attached and not damaged. Products must be unwashed, unworn and returned without stains, scuffs, tears or smells. 

Can I return an item I bought from patagonia.ca? 

As a locally owned partner store, we are unable to offer a refund for anything purchased from a Patagonia location, or patagonia.ca, aside from our Halifax or Ottawa locations. 

We are able to facilitate an exchange or store credit if you visit us in store and bring proof of purchase. Products must continue to meet the criteria in our refund policy

How do I track my order? 

You will be sent a tracking number via email once your order is picked, packed, and ready to ship. Any further updates will continue to appear through your tracking number. 

If you see errors on the tracking page, have problems with your shipping address or need other assistance with tracking, please contact Customer Service.

Please note, your order may ship out of two different locations based on availability. If you only receive part of your order, it is likely because the rest of your order is coming from a different location.

How long will it take to process my order? 

We aim to pack all orders within 48 hours of being placed. Exceptions include any statutory holidays or retail closing days.

Please allow for some extra time during holidays and sale events, when order volume may be higher than typical. 

What is your price adjustment policy? 

If you purchased a full-price item on patagoniahalifax.ca, patagoniaottawa.ca, or in-store at either of these locations, and it goes on sale within 14 days of the shipping date (or the date purchased if bought in-store), we'll refund you the difference if it is still in stock. Items that are already discounted are excluded. Please contact Customer Service and we will be happy to assist you.

How do I care for my Patagonia item? 

Patagonia products are designed to work hard and play hard. Should you need some help cleaning up after your most recent outing, our Product Care Guide has you covered. There, you'll find cleaning solutions for all matter of grime. 

And remember, a clean shell is a happy shell! Be sure to wash your waterproof garments and regularly replenish their water-repellent coating.  

What is an Authorized Patagonia Dealer? 

An Authorized Patagonia Dealer is a business authorized by Patagonia to carry and sell Patagonia products. We take pride in our strong relationship with Patagonia dating back to when we opened our Halifax store in 2011.

How do I know if my item can be repaired? 

Our goal is to repair what we can, but each repair is different.

For more information on items that can and cannot be repaired, please visit our repair page. Please note, our repair facility and program only applies to Patagonia products.

We will only process repairs on products that are clean and freshly laundered. Depending on your products level of use this may require more than one wash. Refer to our Product Care Guide for some helpful tips. 

What repairs can be done in-store? 

In-store repairs include most minor patching, stitching, de-pilling, certain zipper repairs (slider replacement, zipper pulls), broken snaps and buttons.

How long does it take for my repair to be completed? 

An in-store repair can take up to a week to be completed, depending on the time of year and the complexity of the repair. 

If we have to send the item to our certified facility for a repair, our turnaround time  averages between 8-12 weeks, or 12-15 weeks during the holiday season or high-volume periods. 

All repairs are shipped from, and returned to our retail locations for store pickup. If you are unable to pick up your item we can ship it to you for a fee.

Are there any costs associated with repairing my item? 

Most of our repairs are free of charge.

The exceptions to this can include:

  • Wetsuits (see below)
  • Fishing Waders: these are assessed and processed at our repair facility in Quebec. The facility will assess them and contact you if there are charges before completing the repairs. 

What can I expect my completed repair to look like?

We strive to bring your item back to like-new condition using similar fabric and hardware but it's best to keep in mind that repairs are not invisible. Celebrate the joy of repair that keeps your gear in use and out of landfills! Depending on the extent of your repair, the material and hardware available, the repair will fall on a spectrum of how noticeable it is. 

If we do not have the original materials available, the integrity of the garment becomes our top priority. The colour of the fabric used for the repair may not be an exact match, but we’ll do our best to find the closest match possible.

Can I do a DIY repair? 

If it’s broke, fix it! We believe in repairing damaged gear before buying something new. For expert assistance, we offer repair services in our retail stores. DIY repairs do not void our Ironclad Guarantee. You’ll learn a new skill and your favourite jacket will become your go-to piece and traveling companion again—it still has stories to tell!

If you have a small hole or tear, a patch of Tenacious Tape is usually all you need. Tenacious Tape is a fix that lasts and does not affect the warranty or our ability to make future repairs.

Can I bring in my wetsuit to be repaired? 

Wetsuit repairs require extra care and skill, so we handle them differently. 

To get started on your wetsuit repair, please follow the instructions on our Wetsuit Repair and Warranty Form. Shortly after receiving your wetsuit, our repair team will reach out to discuss the next steps with you, including repair turnaround time and any repair costs, if applicable.

If you choose to send in your repair for an evaluation, we ask that you cover the shipping cost.

Please make sure your item is clean, dry and free of debris before sending it in.

When you’re ready, please print and complete the form and include it in the package with your wetsuit. Mail the package via Canada Post with tracking and insurance to the address below.

Patagonia Wetsuit Repairs
188 W Santa Clara St.
Ventura, CA 93001 USA

What happens if you can't repair my product? 

If your item is deemed unrepairable, it can be returned to your without the repair or we can simply recycle it for you. If you'd prefer to receive your unrepaired item back, please indicate so when setting up your repair form in our store.

If you decide you do not want the item back, it can be evaluated under our Ironclad Guarantee. Depending on the warranty evaluation, you may receive a merchandise credit that is eligible for use at Patagonia Halifax or Patagonia Ottawa.

Still have more questions?

Contact us! See details here: Customer Service